Top 10 Best Exercises for Women and Workouts for Women

Top 10 Best Exercises for Women and Workouts for Women

The Coronavirus crisis has forced us to spend more time indoors. This has drastically changed the way we do many things – shopping, working, socializing, and even working out. With most gyms still shut, or people still avoiding them because of misgivings about shared equipment and spaces, hitting the gym seems to be out of the question for quite some time. If you’re someone who enjoys working out, you might be wondering how to burn off those calories. There’s no cause to worry. Avoiding gyms doesn’t mean you have to avoid workouts. There are plenty of workouts women can do at home with barely any or even no equipment to get a full-body workout, even some cardio. Here’s a list of top 10 best workouts women can do at home during and post the coronavirus pandemic.

Top 10 workouts for women

1.   Yoga

It has been pretty well established by now that yoga rocks – it’s great for the body and the soul. But what makes it the top choice for a home workout is that it needs barely any equipment. Grab a yoga mat, and you’re good to go! And mommies, there’s good news for you  – yoga is great for kids too. You can teach simple yoga poses to your kids so that they can join you while you workout. Do some simple stretching exercises to start with before you go all downward dog, though!

2.   Walking/jogging

Strictly speaking, this is not exactly an indoor activity, and you might have to give it a miss if you’re under quarantine, unless you have access to a treadmill.  If you’re free to walk around your neighborhood, then there’s no better way to get some cardio. Be careful to follow the same social distancing guidelines that you would follow while going out for any other reason. This means you’ll need to stay away from crowds, keep at least six feet between you and anyone else you come across while outside, and avoid touching commonly used items like crosswalk buttons or posts with your bare hands.

3.   HIIT Exercises

Try to squeeze in 15 to 30 minutes of High-Intensity Interval Training a day. Do you know why experts call it the gift that keeps on giving? HIIT is a form of exercise that has been proven to build strength and boost metabolism. It also packs in the same benefits of lower and moderate-intensity aerobic workouts in a much shorter time. There’s another benefit to doing your HIIT workouts at home. No one can hear you groaning and moaning your way through them!

4.   Weight/Strength Training

You probably think that you can’t do weight training without all the fancy equipment. Still, the fact is that you can easily do your weight or strength training at home using just a few dumbbells and resistance bands. Don’t want to shell out money for any sort of equipment? There’re plenty of things lying around the home that can be used instead. Use heavy cans, books, or even fill up a couple of buckets with water, and use that instead. Women can tone their abs, chest, and arms with regular weight and strength training.

5.   Cycling

Again not exactly an indoor workout- even so, its something you can do on your own without the need for a trainer. If you cannot go outdoors to cycle, consider investing in a Peloton or any other similar exercycle. Cycling is especially good for women because it’s been shown to reduce the risk of breast cancer, lowers stress on joints, and improves endurance. After taking a ride, you’ll experience a neuro-chemical spike of serotonin and dopamine. Not only do they improve your mood, but this endorphin buzz can stimulate the same areas of the brain as a painkiller but without all the crappy side effects.

6.   Lunges

Lunges burn a whole lot of calories, as well as shape and define a greater percentage of your total mass while providing phenomenal cardio-vascular benefits. Lunges also improve your flexibility. They help you achieve a stronger and more stable core, which allows you to deal with lower back pain and develop a better posture. Lunges are the best exercise for your lower body, a problem area for most women. It reduces body fat and develops lean muscle. More importantly, you don’t need to hit the gym to do your lunges, you can do them just about anywhere and get shapely, toned legs and bottom.

7.   Planks

Planks are the best form of workouts you can do at home because they exercise your arms, legs, glutes, back muscles, and your abs, making them an all-encompassing workout. Studies show that side planks help reduce spinal curvature and posture problems while strengthening your side abdominals and spine. All of this with absolutely no equipment at all! Regular planks help you develop strong stomach muscles and a toned posterior. It helps your insides, too, by boosting your metabolism, making it one of the best workouts women can do at home.

8.   Squats

Squats have been proven to give women a strong lower body, better flexibility, and toned hips and thighs. The stretching and enhanced circulation helps get rid of all that pesky cellulite. It improves digestion and eases bowel movements. Squats improve your posture and even help you achieve a better walk. Squats can be done anywhere at any time, without any specialized or expensive gym equipment, making it one of the best workouts women can do at home.

9.   Pull-ups/Push-ups

Pull-ups and push-ups are quite unbeatable when it comes to strengthening, sculpting, and toning your upper body, including your chest area. Arms, shoulders, and backs all get a proper workout with pull-ups and push-ups. It helps build upper body strength and lean muscle mass while losing body fat, more so in the always troublesome waist area, which is why this is a must-do in the list of best workouts women can do at home.

10.        Dancing!

Experts consider dancing to be one of the best cardio exercises ever. It’s a whole-body workout that’s great for your heart, builds up strength, and helps improve balance and coordination. Even relatively sedate forms of dance burn pretty much the same amount of calories as cycling. Dancing releases a whole lot more endorphins than conventional aerobic exercises. What’s more – it reduces cortisol levels and elevates your mood. If all that wasn’t enough, it is a ton of fun, especially if you can get your whole family involved!


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